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Further Booking Information

​If you are looking to book here are a few pointers to make the process easier and quicker :). 

  • First of all, please research and look at our work to make sure you have the right artist for what you want.

  • Look for reference images. Even though all of our work is custom, sending over reference images with a description of what you like about each image will help our artists get a better idea of what you would like and will make the design process quicker. Please don’t ask us to copy a design as we won’t. We're more than happy to mix it up and design you something similar but with a unique twist :) .

  • Think about placement. Make sure the body part is big enough for the design you want. Our artists are more than happy to help with this but you should have a rough idea first! A picture showing where you want it would be amazing!

  • Size. Please keep in mind that the smaller the piece the less detail can be fit in. We can always design smaller, simpler versions to work with where you want it, especially when it comes to tattoos that include writing. When explaining the desired size please measure the size and tell us in cm/inches. A photo of the area with the size is also super helpful! 

  • Please message us if you are running late for your appointment. ️If you arrive late without notifying us and we have someone booked in after, you will loose valuable tattooing time and you may have to pay for another appointment to finish the design.

  • Please come wearing appropriate clothing so we can get to the area easily without having to hold the clothing out of the way while tattooing. If we are doing your thigh or leg please wear loose shorts that can be rolled up if needed. Please don’t wear any expensive clothes as there’s a chance these will get ink on and could end up being ruined. If you get cold easily please feel free to bring a blanket or pillow to get comfy if it’s a long sitting :). 

  • We have a tv with Netflix and music, but feel free to bring a book etc if you fancy. Just nothing that will make you move too much! 

  • When it comes to actually booking please make sure you have enough money to transfer a deposit straight away in order to secure your time slot.

  • Deposits are non refundable. I understand circumstances can change and I will always do my best to move appointments so the tattoo can go ahead. 

  • Deposits can be made in cash or via bank transfer. The remaining balance on the day must be payed by bank transfer.

  • We will explain the aftercare process with you on the day. We also sell aftercare products which are £6 for you to buy. 

  • Please make sure you eat before your appointment and bring some sugary snacks with you to keep you going! Especially if it’s a longer sitting. 

  • PLEASE do not turn up to your appointment hungover or with alcohol in your system as it makes the process much harder and I may not be able to tattoo you at all.​

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